Discovery report

On this page you’ll be able to download Sendemo’s discovery report after studying 13 entrepreneurial ecosystems in North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt), Southern Africa (Namibia, South Africa, Zambia), East Africa (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania) and West Africa (Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Benin). 

What is Sendemo and why do we release this report ?

Sendemo took a 1.5 year exploration across 13 African countries to study their entrepreneurial ecosystems on the ground and understand their current and coming challenges. This first sequence of Sendemo consisted of hundreds of hours of interviews with investors, government officials, founders, corporations and support organizations, field visits and engagement with local universities.

This report is a give-back to all of those who genuinely accepted to dedicate time and share their experience and knowledge. It contains an incredible amount of data and qualitative information that I tried to reflect into actionable insights, useful to decision makers in these ecosystems and others, and available, for free.

It's part of a drive to go against the grain of the sometimes overly embellished narrative surrounding the continent's ecosystems, by bringing to light on the issues and challenges observed. It is therefore written in a deliberately provocative tone, in the hope to encouraging collective reflection and action.

We are now entering the ultimate phase of Sendemo, that of sharing, mobilizing and taking action. That’s why we count on you.

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This report was produced and provided to you by Abderrahmane Chaoui